Amanda Michelle Younkin Franklin, is the daughter of legendary airshow pilot Bobby Younkin. She is Kyle Franklin's wife, Matt Younkin's sister, and most importantly is the "Brains" behind the "Sons of Legends." Serving as Business Manager for both Franklin's Flying Circus and Younkin Airshows, Inc., she is responsible for all airshow booking and sponsorship activity.

Amanda grew up around airplanes and air shows. As a small girl, she was always with her father Bobby as he was signing autographs and interacting with the crowd. Amanda worked for Bobby from age 14 through her senior year in high school processing airshow paperwork and learning all manner of airshow related ins and outs.

Amanda learned to fly and soloed an airplane at age 16. She is anaccomplished tail wheel and multi-engine pilot having flown 12 different types of aircraft to date. She resides with her husband Kyle, and two spoiled dogs in Neosho, Missouri. When not flying herself, Amanda spends most of her time keeping Matt and Kyle out of trouble!

Amanda has been Matt Younkin's full time Beech 18 announcer since 2007. As of 2009, she has also become Kyle's full time "Pirated Skies" wing walker. Whether holding a telephone, microphone, or wing strut, it is undeniable that Amanda is the glue that keeps the "Sons of Legends" team together performing at air shows all across the country.

On a side note, Amanda Franklin is a "Bombshell". She appeared in the 2010 & 2011 Warbird Bombshells calendar and her new 2010 poster is now out! On May 27, 2011 Amanda died from her injuries after she and Kyle were hurt in a plane crash on March 12, 2011. She was preceded in death by her father Bobby Younkin and her father-in-law Jimmy Franklin.

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