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Ladies and gentlemen, look high to your right, just ahead of the puffs of smoke, for a striped carbon fiber monoplane ... Here comes Andrew Wright in the Carbon Fiber Airshows G202, an unlimited capability aerobatic aircraft, predecessor of the MX airplanes used in the Red Bull air races, and the fastest rolling aircraft on the airshow circuit ...

Diving from over three thousand feet to the runway in seconds, accelerating to 250 mph at airshow center, pulling a nearly square 9G corner to the vertical, five and a quarter rolls on the upline, stopping precisely canopy facing the crowd ...

So begins a Carbon Fiber Airshow, with high energy, high G aerobatic maneuvers flown with precision by a pilot with over seven hundred hours in type.  The G202, designed by Richard Giles in the late 1990s, is a all-carbon-fiber construction experimental category aerobatic aircraft that is purpose built for unlimited aerobatics.  The airframe is both extremely light and extremely strong, weighing only 1000 pounds empty, and able to to sustain flight loads of up to 10 positive and 10 negative G.  This combination of lightness and strength enables the G202 to execute extremely tight maneuvers at high speeds, and powered by a 4-cylinder 238 horsepower Lycoming engine, it is faster than many more powerful aerobatic aircraft.  Its 22 foot wingspan, combined with full span ailerons, yields a roll rate in excess of 500 degrees per second, making it the fastest rolling aircraft on the airshow circuit, faster even than the venerable F16.  The custom smoke system pumps out a cannot-miss-it smoke trail at all flight attitudes, and the color-changing purple/teal/green/gold striped paint scheme makes it a favorite on the ramp for photos.

Andrew Wright has been flying competition and airshow aerobatics in the G202 for over 10 years.  With his extensive competition experience, he flies a unique blend of ultra-precise competition figures and classic airshow maneuvers, including multiple 4-point rolls, snap rolls, torque rolls, tumbles, tail slides, and even a negative 5G outside loop, all right in front of the crowd.  

A typical Carbon Fiber Airshow sequence runs for 8 minutes, accompanied by background music and narration.  With the smoke system removed from the front seat, VIP rides are available for passengers up to 5' 10" and 200 lbs.

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