To not only see yellow Harvards against a blue sky billowing light smoke, but hear and feel their pulse is an incredible experience shared with airshow spectators. The combination of subsonic, transonic and supersonic sections of the prop release a roar that is the music of the Harvard.

It's all about energy management. Potential energy (altitude) being traded for kinetic energy (airspeed) and back again results in a beyond belief show larger than your stationary field of vision. You'll have to crane your neck to take in the full experience. Mouths will be agape, and tonsils will be surnburnt. Unlike jets which pass for a fleeting moment; the Canadian Harvards dominate centre stage without dead sky limited only by the surface of the earth itself.

Although Pete, Dave and Kent use these 3 ton aircraft masterfully to perform a tight aerial sequence with upbeat background music, better modern aircraft exist that would make the task much easier - but they just wouldn't have the same presence in the afternoon sky. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

The performers have so much fun, it's hard to determine who is enjoying the show more- the audience or the pilots. 

A must see performance/experience!

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