David martin

David Martin flies a unique air show demonstrating the extraordinary maneuverability of his Breitling CAP 232. David is well known in the aerobatic community for his ability to tumble the plane in unparalleled style and accomplishing gyroscopic maneuvers never duplicated by others. With a strong background in competition aerobatics, David's air show is a combination of precision and amazing tumbling maneuvers.

David grew up in an aviation family in Texas, where both his father and grandfather were airline pilots so it was only natural that his interest in flying began at a very early age. David started flying with this father in the family's 1959 K model Bonanza at age 12. His first aerobatics were in his grandfather's 1941 Fleet biplane. His grandfather had been a barnstormer in the 1930s and insisted that David learned aerobatics as a part of his basic training. David continued with his flying throughout high school, often flying the 25 miles to attend school. As a high school graduation present, his parents gave David an aerobatic course with Duane Cole. This was when he set his goal to become World Aerobatic Champion. After graduating from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a degree in aviation, David flew corporate jets for several years until he joined the Texas Air National Guard. Continuing with his quest for excellence, David graduated from Air Force Pilot Training, F-4 training and F-16 training at the top of his classes.

David started to seriously pursue competition aerobatics in 1994 upon purchasing an Extra 300S. Since earning a place on the United States Aerobatic Team in 1997, David has attended 5 World Aerobatic Championships winning an individual gold medal and 3 team bronze medals. In 2001, David won the United States National Aerobatic Championships.

In 2006, David placed first at team selection earning him the title of US Team Captain. The US Team will compete at the World Aerobatic Championships in Granada, Spain this summer.

David and his wife Martha, also a pilot, live at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.


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