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Zar, exiled knight to the benevolent monarch King Zon, betrothed ruler of Zufrinia billions of light years from the planet earth. Zar is the greatest starship captain of the Universe and commander of all King Zon’s planetary forces. He pilots the starship “Pride”, space module of the mother battleship “Hope”.

Zar is flying a singular dedicated mission to recruit the aid and support of all earthlings so that he might return to Zufrinia to fight the evil dictator Itola and his terrible legions from planet Notzia. The gangster, Itola, holds prisoner the kindly ruler King Zon and his lovely daughter Princess Audeana.

Zar has vowed that both he and the Starship Pride will wear the cloak of black in mourning of his oppressed people until once again the light of freedom shines and he has rescued the one he loves.

Join in this crusade earthlings, young and old, to save a far away planet much the same as your own and return a people to the freedom and happiness they so richly deserve.